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Cannabis Collective Insurance Agency

Friends and family have always played a big part in the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industry’s community.

Cannabis Collective Insurance Agency is family owned and operated. Our management team’s thirty five years of insurance experience, combined with 8 years of experience within the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industry, make us uniquely capable of helping you navigate the insurance world and focus on your business needs.

Let our family help your family protect your cannabis, hemp, and CBD business. Below outlines the specific areas that you will need protection in the new market.


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Protect the backbone of your company: your employees. Workers’ Compensation ensures you are protected as an owner, and your workers can have confidence that you support them in your business operations. General Liability will protect you from liability and property damage in the course of conducting business.

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Protect your product with In-Transit product insurance, while Workers’ Compensation covers any business’ employee working on your behalf. As your business is protected with General Liability coverage, the vehicles used in operation can be insured on a Commercial Auto policy.

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Have you tried insuring your building only to be denied because of carrier exclusions for Cannabis, Hemp, or CBD operations? We can help protect your assets while your tenant is engaging in Cannabis, Hemp, or CBD-related business.

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The right coverage for your indoor or outdoor operations, from seed to finished product, protects you from a product loss. Coverage from farm to table is also available through product in-transit, & mechanical breakdown coverage for your machinery.

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Infusing and Extracting Cannabis, Hemp, or CBD Products

Protecting yourself, your employees, your equipment and your product against claims is key to running a successful operation. Protect yourself through Workers’ Compensation, product and property liability, or even pollution liability.

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Lab Testing

Business property insurance protects you against the physical loss of lab machinery, while Workers’ Compensation protects you, the owner, and the employees post injury.

Incorrect testing or contamination, injury to a client while visiting your premises, or a laboratory fire can be devastating. Get protection for your products, manufacturing and equipment, or Cannabis, Hemp, or CBD-infused products such as oils, waxes, and tinctures.

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Other Services

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We provide consulting for such business needs as: Business structure, H.R. Services, growth and reorganization, product or services marketing, team building and roll clarity, sales training, etc.

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Individual Insurance

Our team-oriented approach to customer service, top-rated carriers, knowledge and experience make us the right choice for your individual insurance needs.

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Planning Solutions

We provide simple solutions to complex issues for your business or personal planning needs. Our team of specialists puts focus on researching the best options and solutions for you based on legal, financial, government and regulatory background.

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